Solar Options USA in Orlando is a company dedicated to the integration of solar technology to offset the rising cost of energy, in a feasible, responsible manner.

CREATING economic stability

No one really knows what energy costs will be tomorrow, only that they won't go down.  Knowing what your base energy costs are is a huge competitive advantage.

Experienced Engineering

We bring a wealth of experience to every project. Our systems are reviewed by independant engineering firms to make sure everything performs as designed.


You can rely on us to provide you with superior financial options. To provide the best system with the highest economic value, we have partnered with a renewable energy investment firm that understands your needs.

Today is a new world
with new opportunities
Success through simplicity;
We build a system with zero money from you
You buy the energy produced, when you need it, at a rate lower than you are paying now
Thats it

Boiler feed applications

Potable water

Projects from $25,000 - $50,000,000