Hotels are like having several business in one that use hot water. Laundry for the linens, showers for the guests, and a restaurant or lounge are all constant consumers of hot water. You can let your customers know you are an active participant in using green energy for their comfort.


Restaurants use hot water on a continuous basis. The systems we use for restaurants typically have a small footprint and can fit on most roofs. Not the typical solar water heat that pumps water to the roof. No roof penetrations, no crazy plumbing to look at. 


Industrial process heat can be a major consumer in the overall energy budget of any business requiring its use. Reducing this expense by 20-30% with zero capital investment can be a game changer. Increased profits can be deligated to expansion or other infrastructer improvements.

Food Processing

Food processing plants deal with varying production costs on a daily basis. Now with a fixed base energy supply it's time to focus elsewhere. It is risk management in a very risky business. 

Our typical customer is looking for ways to reduce costs with the lowest investment

  Our program hedges against energy cost increases

  Our program reduces current energy costs

  Our program insures against any future carbon tax

  Our program is socially and environmentally responsible

  Our program defines risk management

Shouldn't our program be YOUR program?